Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving Tools

Well -- my husband and I just purchased our first house! We're very excited. It needs a TON of work, but it's got great bones. Unfortunately, it came with a lot of dirt, and some interesting smells. I may not be able to find all of my clothes, but I know exactly where my Gold Canyon boxes are at. Here are some of things I've dug out in the past two weeks that we've lived here:

1. Rosemary Mint All-Purpose Cleaner. Have I mentioned the house was dirty????? This cleaner has been a life saver. It cleans and helps with some of the odors left behind -- like cigar smoke.

2. Scent Pod Warmer. I love my central air. I do not love that the vents do crazy things with my candle flames. But I am not without my Gold Canyon fragrance. On my kitchen counter right now is the square pod warmer with the Moroccan Amber Vanilla pod from the Spring catalog. LOVE IT.

3. Fresh Orange Diffuser. The sunroom is large and now filled with fantastic fragrance.

4. Auto Fresheners. All of those guys who helped us out on moving day are getting auto fresheners in their thank you gifts (not to mention a candle for their wives).