Monday, April 13, 2009

My Top Five Faves That Are Going Away

1. Marshmallow Confections. It's adorable and it smells great. It's spun sugar and fruity lemon, all rolled into one, and it has an adorable chick hang tag. I loved it so much, I burned through mine in one week.

2. Daisy. It's perfect for spring, with a combination of different flowers providing the base. And it comes in a great jam jar.

3. Brazilian Rainforest Vanilla. The scent is complex and soft at the same time. Mine just burned on and on. And it's great to burn with a Ginger Lime tealight. What a combination!

4. Orange Blossoms: My mom says it smells EXACTLY like the bush that was planted in back of the house where she grew up. They would open the dining room window and let the breeze bring the fragrance all through the house. If you aren't lucky enough to have one of these bushes in your back yard, Gold Canyon can still fill your home with this scent.

5. Hobnail Easter Basket. If you decorate with yellows, it can be for any time of year. I filled mine with jelly beans. It's just adorable!