Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Join the Candle Court Today and Become Queen of the Court!

What is the Candle Court?
It's a group of twelve ladies who want to feel special by receiving a Gold Canyon Candle to burn in their home every month and, once each year, receive $25 in FREE merchandise and ONE HALF-PRICE ITEM!

It's perfect for a group of friends, family or co-workers!

Why Join the Candle Court?
You receive a scent list three times a year so you will always have the latest scents available to you; you will receive a new 26 oz. Heritage Gold Canyon candle to burn in your home every month; you will always have a gift ready to go if you don't burn a candle every month; once a year you are QUEEN OF THE COURT!

What are the Benefits of Being Queen of the Court?
Each month a QUEEN will be selected as party hostess and receive $25 in FREE Gold Canyon merchandise, FREE shipping, 50% off one additional item of your choice and a surprise QUEEN gift. You can also collect additional outside orders the month you are QUEEN to increase your party total and your FREE merchandise rewards.

How Does it Work?
Contact me to receive your I WANT TO BE A QUEEN form.
I will send you an email reminder at the beginning of each month.
By the 10th of each month, email or send me your candle scent choice.
If I do not receive your scent choice by the 10th, you will receive that month's featured scent.
Your candle will arrive on or before the last day of the month.

Contact me TODAY to get your CANDLE COURT started!