Friday, May 1, 2009

Spirited Summer is Here!

Are you ready to have a Spirited Summer? The new Summer catalog is here, and it's fantastic! Here are my top three picks:

Baking Line Lemon Bar candle: It’s back! This is my VERY FAVORITE Gold Canyon candle EVER!!! It’s that great lemony scent, with a little hint of sweetness, and it’s only sold in our summer catalog. I’m stocking up this time around so that I’m never without it!

Star-Spangled Votives: They’re adorable and they have a great retro feel to them. And what a great value -- you get all three! They’ll definitely be decorating my table this holiday!

Pod Warmers: They’ve been redesigned with a timer so that you can set the warmer to be enjoyed for four, eight or twelve hours at a time. And there are new styles and an expanded line of pod scents. These aren’t available until June 1st and I can’t wait to get mine!